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What Is Thassos Marble? A Unique Natural Stone

When updating or remodeling your home, choosing the materials that reflect your taste and fit your desired aesthetic is essential. Finding the right marble often becomes daunting, from floors to countertops to backsplashes.

If you’re looking for gorgeous luxury marble to elevate the look of your home, Thassos marble is the answer. But what is Thassos marble, and what sets it apart from other marbles? Learn everything you need to know about this unique stone in this guide by Terra Stone Gallery.

  • Thassos white marble is dolomite marble, which you can recognize by its pure crystalline white color.
  • Thassos marble is a hard type of marble that is extremely durable.
  • Thassos marble has lasting durability and a wide range of uses for both residential and commercial use.
What Is Thassos Marble?

Named for the Greek island where it’s quarried, Thassos marble boasts a rich history. As far back as the sixth century B.C., architects and artists used this marble to create and construct temples and sculptures that last to this day. Sculptors used Thassos marble for many of the most recognizable statues and buildings of Ancient Greece.

Characteristics of Thassos: A Unique Natural Stone

Thassos white marble is dolomite marble, which you can recognize by its pure crystalline white color. The white marble’s incredible reflection of sunlight is unique in that no other white marble reflects light quite as brightly. Thassos marble has a lower heat absorbance than any other natural stone on Earth, so it keeps a cool surface temperature for extended periods.

Thassos marble comes in three varieties:

  • A1: This variety is the brightest white.
  • A2: This variety, while still very white, may have light veins and spots.
  • A3: This variety features more shading and veins and may have visible pores and micro-fissures.

Choosing the variety of Thassos marble is purely a question of personal taste. Some designers love the pure, pristine look of the A1 variety for the entire project. In contrast, others prefer the other varieties to add depth and character.

Where Is Thassos Marble Used?

The possibilities are endless. Thassos marble tiles are perfect for walls, mosaic floors, or backsplashes. You can also create eye-catching designs by incorporating Thassos marble into a fireplace surround or staircase area. Use a slab of Thassos marble for kitchen or bathroom countertops for a stunning worktop and conversation piece.

Thassos marble’s white background complements any color palette, and you can take advantage of its reflectivity and brightness to create the illusion of a bigger space.

Thassos Marble Tile

Thassos marble tile comes in several finishes, the most popular of which include:

Thassos Polished Marble Tile

Polished marble tiles are so shiny because manufacturers use an abrasive to smooth the surface and give the tiles a polished, luminous finish. The high-gloss polished tiles reflect light and offer a bright white finish.

Thassos Honed Marble Tile

Honed marble tiles feature a smooth matte finish with much less light reflection than a polished marble surface. Honed tiles work well for flooring, as the rougher surface offers more slip resistance. Because the surface appears duller than polished tiles, honed marble tiles don’t show scratches or etching as easily.

How Durable Is Thassos Marble?

Because Thassos marble contains quartzite, it is a very dense, hard type of marble that is extremely durable. The use of Thassos marble in ancient buildings and art that have stood the test of time is a testament to this marble’s quality and lasting durability.

With proper maintenance and care, Thassos marble lasts for years. Sealing your marble every one to three years helps prevent staining. Keeping the surface free of spills keeps stains from seeping into the marble and helps prevent damage from etching.

To keep your Thassos marble clean, avoid using chemical or abrasive cleaners. Acidic cleaners may etch the surface of the marble, and other chemical cleaners may leave dull spots or spray marks, marring the polished finish. You may occasionally want to hire professional stone cleaners for peace of mind when maintaining your high-end Thassos marble.

Why Should You Consider Thassos Marble?

Thassos marble elevates the beauty and quality of any home project. Ten quarries in Thassos contain the only Thassos marble in the entire world, making it both rare and coveted. Because of its scarcity, Thassos marble is one of the most expensive marble, making it the definition of high class and luxury. Coupled with its lasting durability and wide range of uses, Thassos marble is the perfect choice to upgrade your home.

What To Look For When Purchasing Thassos Marble

When you want the highest quality Thassos marble for your project, look no further than Terra Stone Gallery. We’re the sole official importer of authentic Thassos marble in the Midwest, and we know how to utilize this gorgeous and rare marble in beautiful custom stone designs.

Our top-quality craftsmanship and the utmost attention to every detail of your project ensure that you receive premium service every time. Call us today at 847-721-1519 to ask, “What is Thassos marble?” and learn more about our services.

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