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How To Enhance Your Home With Custom Marble Countertops

Are you remodeling your kitchen and want an incredible high-end look to boost your home’s value? Consider the benefits of custom marble countertops. Keep reading to discover all the benefits of natural stone countertops, including what questions to ask when personalizing your marble.

How Marble Countertops Enhance Your Home

Marble is a high-end natural stone popular for its combination of form and function. Marble has several properties, making it an excellent investment for your remodeling project.

Superior Appearance

Marble evokes a sense of luxury and style. The marbling, from which it derives its name, creates unique and beautiful patterns and makes every slab different.

Marble has more variations than almost any other natural stone. Its palette ranges from a vivid white with thick, light gray grains to a deep black with thin white veins.

With so many options, you can define what luxury means for you.

Exceptional Life Expectancy

As a hard stone, marble lasts for a lifetime. Natural marble will endure a century when you properly care for it, while cultured marble stays strong for around 20 years, which is still impressive. For comparison, quartz and soft stone countertops like limestone last around 15 years.

When you invest in the highest quality marble, your countertops will last generations. Whether your children inherit your home or you plan to sell it, future homeowners will thank you for marble countertops.

Always Looks Clean

The one challenge with marble countertops is that they’re very vulnerable to staining. Even when they’re properly sealed, you should wipe up any spills immediately to avoid discoloration.

But consider the silver lining. If you’re forced to clean up messes immediately, your kitchen will always look pristine. Not only does this help you maintain a peaceful state of mind and a stress-free area to cook, but it also means you can have guests over any time without extra cleaning.

Environmentally Friendly

Because it’s a natural material that requires only a few additional steps for manufacturing, installing a marble countertop produces less carbon emissions than materials like laminate or butcher block.

But what about the sealer you treat your countertops with to help them last longer? It’s biodegradable and free of toxins that harm people and pets. When you choose marble countertops, your choice is good for your home and nature.


Why is marble used in everything from countertops to floors, fountains, and statues? Because it’s so versatile.

Though it’s a hard stone, skilled artisans have been forming marble into unique and challenging designs for millennia. Marble is great for homes with uniquely shaped countertops or unusual kitchen layouts.

How To Choose Your Marble Countertops

If you’ve decided to invest in custom marble countertops, consider the following questions to determine the best type of marble and design.

How Big Is Your Budget?

You can obtain marble at many different prices, so even with a smaller budget, consider your options before ruling out this beautiful stone. You can find cultured marble for roughly half the price of all-natural marble. Though you’ll sacrifice the life expectancy of your counters, they’re just as beautiful and stylish as real marble.

If you have the budget, remember that installing marble countertops, especially customized ones, is an investment. You’ll save money because you won’t replace them in a couple of decades, and they significantly increase your home’s value.

What Type Do You Want?

In addition to choosing between real or cultured marble, you can choose from among several patterns. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Borghini: On the lighter end of the spectrum, this white marble contains dark gray veins and taupe highlights. It’s perfect for kitchens that utilize lighter or neutral tones.
  • Elba blue: This off-white marble incorporates large swathes of gray for an even, sweeping look perfect for a naturally-toned kitchen.
  • Grafite: This dark black marble has consistent and uniform thin white or beige streaks. It evokes a minimalistic style and is great for modern kitchens with darker motifs.
What Shape Do You Need?

Are you covering a simple rectangular counter, or will the designers incorporate unusual angles, sinks, or other layouts? While all marble responds well to crafting, countertop experts know the nuances of each stone variation and can help you find the best texture and style while providing the physical form you require.

Do You Want Upgrades?

You can enhance the look of marble with several upgrades when you install your countertops. Here are the most popular options:

  • Waterfall edges: Waterfall edges extend the marble from the top and cover the side of the counter, providing a flowing look and obscuring the mundane wood that supports your counter.
  • Curves: Modern trends utilize curved edges, while traditional countertops maintain a sharp corner. This effect gives a finished look that tells visitors that you pay attention to even the smallest detail.
  • Epoxy: In some cases, finishing your marble countertops can increase its style and durability.
Could You Utilize a Mosaic Look?

Use the mosaic technique to enhance your countertops with a matching marble black splash. This design method combines multiple types of marble tiles to complement the solid marble in the rest of your kitchen. If you love marble’s luxurious and high-end feel, a mosaic backsplash takes the feeling to the next level.

Do You Want Something Unprecedented?

Be bold and ask for what you want when it comes to marble. Even if you have yet to see it done, it doesn’t mean a skilled craftsman can’t create it for you. Because versatility is one of the defining features of marble, it’s likely that you can discover new styles and uses for the stone; it only takes an open mind and experienced specialist.

Contact Terra Stone Gallery for Amazing Marble Countertops

Terra Stone Gallery imbues any kitchen with incredible style and value as a high-quality marble and quartzite stone manufacturer. When you want custom marble countertops, we’ll help you find exactly what you want. To book a consultation, call (847) 721-1519.

Terra Stone is a premiere provider of Luxury Stone Slabs. We ship to the continental USA and Canada, contact us today for a quote. 

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